It's important to choose a company who can handle every aspect of your job down to the finest detail. From initial planning, design, choosing the correct materials, to the full installation. Choosing a company that is there for you even years after the design and install is complete, is equally important. New Choice is your best choice for all your home or business remodeling needs.

Usually, granite or quartz slabs come in a thickness of around 3 centimeters (1.2 inches) for kitchen and bath countertops. Bath vanities can be 2 (0.8 inches) centimeters but it’s not recommended for kitchen.

Thicker slabs are available upon request. Thick slabs will enhance the look of the edge of the granite, but do not add much in the way of strength.

Granite is very hard, and can withstand a sharp knife but your knife will dull faster than if you use a regular cutting board. It is not recommended to cut directly on a quartz countertop surface.

Anything, even diamonds, can be damaged. Granite is a natural stone and porous, therefore can absorb stains such as oil or paint. Usually, heat from pots and pans or burning liquids will not have an effect on granite but they may have an effect on quartz. It's usually better to be careful than risk damaging your countertop surface, but in general, granite or quartz can withstand decades of normal wear.

Granite is natural stone with a crystalline structure, and anything truly natural will have small imperfections. Luckily, once your granite is installed it's hard to tell without looking very closely. Polishing the stone helps to reflect the light back and hide the small imperfections. Sometimes the imperfections are what attract buyers to the slab, because it makes unique patterns and beautiful shapes and symmetry. Natural beauty of the stone can be breath taking especially when used in large areas.

The incredible pressure and blistering heat deep within the Earth are what creates, forms, and shapes Granite. You can happily Hot Pot day and night without worry of heat damaging it.

Yes – if you take a hammer to it, your countertop will chip. If you experience a kitchen accident and unfortunately chip your countertop, please keep the actual chip and call us (if we installed your top). We would be happy to send one of our experienced fabricators out to access the damage and repair.

Granite is a natural stone and has natural fissures, especial those with heavy veining or movement in the stone. Natural fissures do not affect the structural integrity of the stone. Once installed, you should not experience cracking as granite is most susceptible to cracking during the transportation process.

Of course! We are granite specialists. We are happy to come to your home to assess the damage and let you know what needs to be done. It's very difficult to damage granite under normal use, but if it happens, just give us a call and we will be more than happy to assist you.

The short answer is, yes. However, we accurately measure your space with our laser measuring tools to cut your granite or quartz with absolute precision. That means, when we install it, we can usually make your seams visually undetectable.

Water left on any granite countertop can cause a dark area that will evaporate in a few minutes. Anything that takes longer than a few minutes to fully and clearly evaporate could potentially stain your surface, especially oils. We will seal the granite upon installation of your countertops, and if you want, we can come back to seal it again years later. We also sell cleaning and sealing products at each of our three Pittsburgh locations that are recommended for natural stones.

For granite, quartzite or marble – be sure to avoid harsh chemicals. Use mild soap and warm water. For engineered quartz – most mild cleaners are fine to use. If you have a natural stone – read the label on the cleaning product to see if it is recommended (or not) for a natural stone.

Caesarstone Recommends the following proceedure:

  • First spray down the whole area with Windex with Ammonia liberally and let set on your top for 45 seconds to 1 minute and then clean off with a number of paper towels until dry.

  • When it has dried completely, then in the area where you are seeing any marks apply Gel Soft Scrub (in the green bottle, example in attached). The way to do this is fold over a paper towel two times and place a 2” tall figure 8 of Gel Soft Scrub and then apply to the effected area in a circular motion with just the weight of your hand. Let set on the surface after applying for 45 seconds to a minute before you rinse off with water and a paper towel.

  • If this does not work initiate a warranty claim with you fabricator and they will send it along to their local Caesarstone Rep.

Every three to five years if you are not cutting directly on the granite. You can always give us a call and we can set up an appointment for one of our installers to come back out to reseal, or purchase a recommended sealer at one of our three Pittsburgh locations.

Certain granites or quartz can be more expensive – yes, but not all of them. Certain colors, edge profiles, thickness, rareness, uniqueness, are all factors when considering price and cost of your countertops. However, New Choice will always provide you with the absolute best, most beautiful product, usually for the same price or less than our competitors – that is our guarantee.

This is probably the most asked question of all – which is better granite or quartz? Both are extremely durable and a good option. The decision comes down to how you will use your countertop. If you are in the habit of putting a hot pot or pan directly on your countertop, then granite is a better option than quartz. If you tend to make a mess while cooking and don’t clean up right away, then quartz may be the way to go.



  • Granite is as beautiful as it is durable
  • Granite can withstand intense heat and is naturally scratch resistant
  • Less expensive, in-stock granites are available if you look at our warehouse
  • Granite slabs are as unique as their owners. No two are exactly the same.
  • Granite can be installed outside in direct sunlight and the elements without issue



  • The more beautiful and unique, the harder to find, thus it can be more costly
  • Granite, quartzite or marble is porous and can stain, if not properly sealed, with liquids that do not evaporate, like oils or highly, color-concentrated foods and liquids like beets or red wine
  • If any part of a slab cracks, the entire slab will need to be replaced
  • You will dull your knife if you cut directly on your granite



  • Colors are more consistent since it is engineered and there are many marble-look quartz options to choose from
  • Quartz is non-porous and does not need sealed – less maintenance and it won’t stain
  • Certain manufacturers offer lifetime warranties on their products



  • Quartz is not heat proof. It is recommended to use a trivet and not to put a hot pot or pan directly on the surface
  • Quartz is engineered and will not have the natural variations, patterns and movement like a nature stone
  • You cannot use quartz outside, direct sunlight over time will fade quartz

The simple answer is probably 'humidity'! When wood gets too hot or too cold or has too much or too little humidity in the air, it can effect the expansion and contraction of the wood. Normally this is not noticible, but with inset cabinets and drawers it can cause minor issues during very humid indoor conditions.

Here are steps you can take to resolve it:

1. You can adjust your drawers and certain styles of doors. Check out the video about how to adjust your drawers and some cabinets: Click here to view on YouTube

2. Purchase a portable hygrometer.

Any further issues just contact your sales rep for New Choice!

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